I'm a big carry-on only girl.

No lost luggage. Limiting my overpacking heart. Keeping me in check as I don't have to check a bag. And now me and CHIRP have this super cool carry-on to take on our adventures. The MyLuggy team knocked it out of the park!

- Rebecca Gladney, Author, artistic director, and self-publisher behind the Chirp's Adventures board book series.

My daughter took a photo...

of her rooftop villa in Spain. She created a carry-on bag for my first visit, picturing the view (and my favourite tennis star's famous words). This was such a fun and thoughtful gift!! And I DID NOT lose site of my luggage on any flight. Vamos MyLuggy!

- Judy McKnight, Mother and Grandmother

The idea of having a bespoke carry-on...

adorned with my company logo not only serves as an engaging conversation starter among fellow travellers it also gives me the chance to network with potential clients. The MyLuggy team made it easy to collaborate throughout the creation. They communicated at each stage and it was a highly commendable experience, marked by an unparalleled level of dedication, personability, and thoughtfulness in customer service. I can't wait to see where MyLyggy & I will go!

- Tammy Snook, Snook Consulting