Frequently Asked Questions


How long does it take to ship MyLuggy luggage?

We'll send an email with your tracking number when your order is ready to ship. Typically orders to most major North American cities take 7-10 days.

What is the cost of shipping a piece of luggage?

For a limited time we are offering FREE shipping.

Shipping is a flat rate per item sent from our Canadian warehouse.

Small: $25 CDN within Canada. $30US to the United States

Medium: $30 CDN within Canada. $35USD to the United States.

Large: $35 CDN within Canada. $40USD to the United States.

Note: If ordering multiple sizes, we can nest the SMALL luggage inside the LARGE luggage to save on shipping.

There is no duty on cross border shipments under $800. Please contact us directly for a shipping quote on orders outside of North America.

Return and Exchange Policy

What is the warranty on MyLuggy luggage?

We offer a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

What is the exchange or return policy?

Since each piece of luggage is personalized, you cannot return or exchange luggage. However, we want you to LOVE your Luggy so if there is an issue, please contact us. We'll work with you on a solution.


How does the quality of MyLuggy luggage compare to other hardshell suitcases?

MyLuggy is comparable in quality and produced in the same manufacturing plant as many popular luggage brands.

MyLuggy Features

How does the security code work?

The security code is automatically set to “0”. You are sent instructions on how to set the 3-digit code when you receive your luggage.

Can I swap out a MyLuggy design?

Absolutely! You can create new insert designs for your luggage on our website here. We’ll print and ship you a new insert with simple instructions and a short video. It takes about 5 minutes to assemble. All that's required are your hands.

Artwork Guidelines

How do I know if my design file is print-ready?

Before we print your MyLuggy artwork our team will review the photo/file you uploaded. If the artwork looks blurry, we'll fix it or reach out to you before printing.

How close will colors be matched?

We do our best to match your colors as closely as possible to the artwork uploaded. However, we use CMYK digital printing so we cannot guarantee a PMS color match. Our team does a visual check to ensure your colors are close, but please be aware that colors can look different based on the material they are printed on.

Larger Orders

Can I order personalized luggage for a sports team or school?

Absolutely! To personalize your custom luggage for multiple players or students, email us at or call us to discuss at 1 (888) 928-0262

We'll work with you to ensure the player/student information is accurate and discuss volume discounts and the most economical shipping options.

I want to add custom branded luggage to my own store/product line. Can I do this?

YES!! Offering your own branded luggage is easy.

You can:

1. Promote your luggage on your own website and we'll blindship to your customers


2. Create your own COLLECTION on and receive a commission when a piece of your luggage is sold. We'll create a landing page with your design(s) so you can promote your luggage line.

To discuss affiliate program options, please contact us at or 1 (888) 928-0262